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Project Description


Sometimes I need an object, that live during all application lifetime, that holds ViewModels status, this is why I created this little library.

The main goal of this lib is to stay simple, not “invasive” and easy to use.


Why can be useful?

The main use is: share properties between objects.

But you can also use for:

-          Broadcast messages

-          A place where you save status of some objects (eg. ViewModels)

-          A way to pass parameter between pages or windows


How use it

Create a class (ONLY ONE) derived from SharePropHolder, ( I create a Singleton) then create some properties, and marked them with SharedProp attribute. Now these props are shared and accessible from other objects through a class called RemoteProp. Initialized it with the name of property declared into SharedPropHolder type class.

So, if you set a value into RemoteProp you find it changed in all objects too. RemoteProp also have an event to notify the change of the value that holds.

Quick Start

-          Derive ASharedPropHolder ( or name you like) from SharePropHolder

-          Add [SharedProp] to property you like

-          Create a field of RemoteProp type

Please check the sources, to get idea how actual this lib works.


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